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Quarry Tiles, Terracotta & Slate Cleaning

Our terracotta floor restoration services

  • Removal of in ground soiling and ineffective seals and polishes
  • Installation of our long term seal
  • Either whole floor or partial re grouting of the terracotta/quarry floor
  • Provide you with full aftercare instructions

Terracotta is Italian for "baked earth" and is a type of earthware, a clay-based ceramic. It has been used throughout history for sculpture and pottery as well as for bricks and roof tiles.

We can strip back existing terracotta flooring and re-apply linseed and wax or modern synthetic waxes and finishes.

We deep clean and reseal your terracotta floor to its former shine.

Quarry Tiling

Quarry tiles are the most basic type of historical ceramic floor tile. Traditional quarry tiles are square shaped and unglazed as such, their colour is derived from the clay they were made from, natural earthen shades of red, orange, grey and brown.

We can deep clean and re-seal quarry tiles and make repairs such as filling cracks and holes also complete regrouts if needed and restoring them to a perfect shine while enhancing the look of the floor as well as protecting the tile from future staining.

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